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The Ranch

Things are weird in the world right now. Like really weird, and if you don't feel that way, please let me into whatever bubble you're living in. In all of the uncertainty, there are a few things that I can count on to bring me solace daily.

1. Coffee, in all of it's glory. In reverence to what feels like may be the last mild weather of the season, I've abandoned my regular iced coffee to prepare it hot this week. The act of making my coffee each morning- pouring the hot water into my press, stopping to smell it as it brews, and then drinking it slowly while the girls eat breakfast brings me a predictable blip of joy and almost unfailing momentary peacefulness.

2. The back yard. When we bought our first home in 2017, the whole lot was dirt. Not nice dirt, either. Hard, unworkable dirt scattered with remnants of the remodel that happened before the home was purchased. The first thing we did after moving was put in grass and since then have added a garden and playground. I have been so grateful for this space in this time of social distancing. We've spent countless hours outside playing with bubbles and chalk, preparing for and planting this season's garden, and letting Q run wild.

3. The knowledge that my babies continue to see the world as normal. We've been using FaceTime a considerable amount since all of this started, and one of Q's favorite people to call is her Gemma, my mother in-law, who purchased a ranch in 2017.

The property is about an hour and a half northeast of our house and we've spent many weekends there in the last few years. In that time, Q has changed immensely, and it has been such a treat to watch her grow up somewhere so special.

The ranch provides Q with the opportunity to be a totally free-range kid (and build up that good gut microbiome, an added bonus). She loves collecting eggs from the chickens, helping feed the animals, and running wild on the property. She's gotten to love a horse of her own and learned a little about the responsibilities involved in owning livestock. She's seen brand new, baby piglets and kittens and also learned that the animals we love can't stay with us forever.

During almost every FaceTime call to her Gemma, Q requests a tour of the ranch, and whoever is holding the phone at that time almost always obliges. She'll request to see all the animals, beginning at the house and ending up down past the barn and she'll giggle and 'aww' at every one. Each time, I am reminded that her only job right now is to continue being a child, and I am so grateful that the ranch provides her with the space to be just that.

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