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Motherhood: Kate

Kate and I have shared many things over the last decade. We met in college and shared a major, our sorority, and our career aspirations. Later, we found that our husbands, and even sister in-laws share a name. We've shared a doula partnership and successful business, and most recently, we've even shared a delivery room for the births of our second babies- though not at the same time, because that would be weird, but we really did deliver our second babes in the same room with the same midwife. The birth of Kate's first son was the first I ever attended as a doula, and I was again honored to be present as she brought her second boy into the world.

Watching Kate be a mama to these two boys has been such a gift. I admire her heart for her family and for others (follow along with her on her journey as a foster parent on here on instagram). She loves fiercely, and you can see evidence of that in her relationships with her husband, family and her friends. Because she's a dear friend and because she's spent the better part of the last year pouring herself into the lives of others, it felt extra special to be behind the camera for these photos. I truly value the privilege it is to be able to capture moments of mamas and their children that often otherwise aren't seen by the world.

I was excited when before the session, Kate mentioned that she’d love some photos wearing her littlest boy. We’re both huge fans of Wildbird slings (cue my husband’s eye roll about my little stash of them, sorry babe) and I loved that she wanted to snags some photos of her wearing one. They’re such a game-changer for managing tasks postpartum and there’s really nothing better than having a tiny little baby bean snuggled up against you.

Kate’s full Motherhood gallery is up on my site here.

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