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An Introduction

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

First of all, can we acknowledge how strange it feels to write again nearly 10 years post-bachelor's degree? I haven’t written much in that time, spare the emails and instagram captions. If it didn’t already feel weird enough, now I’m sharing my life and work with an audience. That being said, this is my new internet residency. Welcome.

In brainstorming what I wanted this to look like, I couldn’t shake that a formal photography portfolio site just didn’t feel like *me.* I love being a photographer, but I’m a mom (and wife, and sister, and friend) before anything else, and I don’t want that to be lost in the hubbub of this platform. I want my clients to feel like they know the person they’re hiring. I don’t know that I have anything Pinterest-worthy to write, but I know that I want to share with you in the same manner in which I approach my photography- in a way that feels authentic and creates connection. Here's to getting to know each other. 

About Me:

I’m an Enneagram 9w1. I can never decide what to watch on TV and almost always settle on a show I’ve already seen. Before I started writing this, I took two separate Buzzfeed quizzes to figure out which character I am from The Office (the results: Pam and Darryl). I would choose the mountains over the beach and probably anywhere else, though lately I’ve reluctantly admitted that I am, in fact, a desert dweller. My goals for 2020 include getting my photography business running, reading more and learning to embroider, so I’m somewhere between 25-85 years old.

I’ve been married for 3 years to my handsome, loyal and kind of bear-ish husband, Cody. We met in Flagstaff and now live in Phoenix with our two girls (more on them later), two dogs, and cat. Most days, it feels like I’m managing a mostly functional ginger circus, but usually in a good way.

I sort of stumbled into photography after I certified as a doula, which looking back, I also sort of stumbled into, which basically just feels like one big synopsis of my 20's. So much stumbling. Cody and I had purchased a DSLR camera before the birth of our first daughter and I was fairly competent using it, so it felt natural that I would offer birth photography bundled into my doula support. After photographing the first few, I realized that those photos were one of my favorite parts of my work. I was hooked. I also recognize that for those of you reading this who are not a part of the birth world (hello, majority), it probably sounds strange and/or kind of off-putting that someone could get so much joy from attending and then photographing one human's emergence from another's. But here's the thing: It wasn't actually the delivery part that I loved. It was all the other stuff. As someone who has had their own labors and has witnessed the labors of many others, I know firsthand that there is so. much. stuff. that you miss because you are working so. dang. hard. It's this weird, incredible, out of body time warp and unless your partner is in the corner taking notes, it's hard to keep track of what happened and when. This is what I loved about birth photography. I could fill those hazy gaps for parents. I could show them the teeny tiny moments that otherwise might have been forgotten.

I've realized that those photos are the ones that I value most as a mom as well. I could care less these days if both my girls are engaged with the camera and smiling. In fact, I'd much rather have a photo of them looking at each other, or at Cody, or one of the dogs. At the end of the day, those are the moments my life is actually made up of. I want to be able to look at my photos and feel them, and I want the families who hire me to experience that as well.

I truly, truly am so excited (and nervous, but whatever) to share this space with you guys going forward. Thanks for being here.

Xo, Bailey

A special thank you to my dear friend + fellow creative, Kate (@kate.taylor.photography) for always being down to swap family photo sessions.

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